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Ford plans to launch TESLA like technology for over-the-air upgrades to cars

DETROIT – Ford Motor said Thursday it has launched the technology to make significant remote upgrades to its cars and trucks, and it plans to roll it out to 33 million vehicles by 2028.

Tesla has almost a 10 year head start already. They have been doing this since 2012.

The new technology would create a massive global fleet that would collect data on millions of consumers and commercial customers, giving the automaker access to lucrative new markets and potential streams of revenue.

Why are they doing this?

Notice what Alex Purdy, director of business operations, enterprise connectivity for Ford’s enterprise connectivity unit. had to say about this:

“We believe that data is the new oil. It enables us to have an always-on relationship with our customer.”

What will they call it? The new over-the-air update capability is called “Power-Up. ”  It hopes to enhance and upgrade a vehicle well into its lifecycle. — Source