Cyber-times.org is a forum for the exchange of information and the promotion of understanding across international boundaries. It links journalism training institutions throughout the world in a network of cooperative activity on a platform of equitable access. You can see some of our media mentions here.


  • the utilization of the news media as agents of development and progress respect for and sensitivity to the social and cultural values and beliefs of all nations and all people
  • the utilization of digital media technology as a conduit of universally accessible information exchange
  • a commitment to responsible, fair and truthful news reporting that has the public interest as its primary objective
  • promotion of the highest standards in news reporting and writing



    • Cyber-times is concerned with the following issues:


    • environmental problems and their solutions
    • the problems of development and industrialisation
    • world peace and security
    • values and ethics in the context of nation building
    • the globalisation of culture and its impact on indigenous cultures
    • technological advances and its influence upon modern culture
    • the role of the mass media in modern society
    • the status of minorities in society
    • culture (sport, entertainment, book, films, theatre and food reviews)

For its participating partners cyber-times.org will provide a stimulating environment of inter-cultural interaction. It will also provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among journalism students from many cultures who have a common interest in the public issues that concern media practitioners.


For more details, to submit articles or to offer suggestions on content, please use the contact form or email the cyber-times editorial team.