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Movie Theater Secrets about Popcorn They Don’t Want You To Know

A movie theater employee is going viral for exposing that perhaps these prices don’t exactly match the amount of food you’re expecting to get with your order.

TikTok user @thatcoolguy2559 is a movie theater employee who dedicates his account to making humorous videos and exposing secrets about working at the concession stand. But a video exposing the inconsistencies with popcorn sizes that he posted on Saturday is making a splash by showing what appears to be the same amount of popcorn in both the junior-sized and medium-sized popcorn sizes.


“Your total is $7.35,” the video says after he’s “handed” the small size popcorn.

When he asks to swap for a medium, the video shows the user pouring the junior-sized bag into a medium bucket, which turns out to be the same size but is priced at $8.44 — Source


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